Black Teeth

Black TeethA million dollar smile is everyone’s dream. We want to look just like our Hollywood idols, with that dazzling molar to molar bright white smile. Alas, very few of us manage to keep all of those yellow stains on teeth at bay. But worse comes to worse, some of us may even end up with black as coal teeth! Yes, some people do end up with black teeth stains due to various reasons. While there may have been a custom in Japan wherein married women would dye their teeth black, surely, in today’s times, no one wants to flash a smile that would make you look like a character straight out of a horror movie. So, what causes black teeth and how to get rid of these black spots on teeth? Your answer is given below…

Black Teeth: Causes and Treatment

Bad Oral Hygiene
One of the most common cause for people suffering from black and discolored teeth is because of bad oral hygiene. In today’s fast paced world, maintaining dental health and hygiene has taken a backseat. Hence, people don’t brush their teeth regularly and delay going to the dentist till the toothache becomes unbearable. When we don’t maintain our oral hygiene, we tend to accumulate plaque and calculus on our teeth. By ingesting coffee and colored drinks, these deposits on teeth slowly become black and discolored, and are one of the leading cause of black teeth in children. The treatment for this condition is simple – brush your teeth twice a day and visit your dentist at least once in six months.

Dental Caries
The second common cause of black colored teeth is dental caries. Dental caries is nothing but tooth decay. When a person does not brush his teeth regularly, then bacteria tend to lodge themselves in the crevices in between teeth or in the grooves and fissures on the surface of teeth. Initially, it may appear as a slight discoloration which is brownish in color. However, slowly, as the structure of tooth keeps getting demineralized, the caries becomes soft and leads to black teeth. If the caries is nor arrested or treated at this stage, then it may progress to the dentin and pulp, causing pain and swelling. If the caries has not reached the pulp, then by a simple cavity filling procedure, the tooth decay can be treated. However, if the caries has reached the pulp and is causing pain and sensitivity, then, there may be need for root canal treatment, or worse, tooth extraction.

There are many oral habits that lead to black teeth. Smoking is the most common cause of black stains on teeth. Smoking leads to staining of teeth, especially the front teeth, which makes these stains very visible. Even chewing tobacco leads to brown or black teeth. These are bad habits not only when it comes to the aesthetic factor of teeth, but they also have very harmful and long lasting effects on the dental health. Smoking and chewing tobacco causes oral cancer. Hence, it is best to quit such harmful habits at the earliest and visit the dentist to get the teeth cleaned and treated.

This was all about the various causes and treatment options for dealing with black teeth. Black colored teeth, rather than being painful, are more of an aesthetic concern, due to their unsightly appearance and high visibility factor. So, in today’s vain world, many people want to keep such an unsightly problem at bay. This can easily be achieved by making a few conscious efforts towards dental care and ensuring that you visit the dentist every six months.

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