What You Need to Understand About Cubeb Spice?

Cubeb is an unusual and very hot spice grown in Sumatra, Penang and New Guinea. It is also knows as Java pepper, tailed pepper and tailed cubebs. It is the unripe fruits of a climbing pepper plant that grows like a vine. The dried unripe berries are used, and they look the same as the dried berries of black pepper – both come from the same family and are closely related. Cubeb berries come with little tails attached and, once dried, have a wrinkled, leathery appearance. Compared with pepper, cubeb is a lot more fiery and aromatic. It is used a lot in Indonesian cooking. If the berries are split open, some will have a small seed inside them, while others will be hollow.

• What are the origins and characteristics of Cubeb?

Cubeb likes rich clay soil with high humidity and lots of shade. It grows well in subtropical forests. The fruits are picked unripe and dried for use in powders, tinctures and liquid extracts or distilled for their oleoresin and oil, which are used by manufacturers to flavor sauces, relishes, bitters and even tobacco. The oil is also used in the production of perfumes and toiletries.

• What are the culinary uses?

Cubeb is used widely in Indonesian food as a hot and spicy pepper addition to rice dishes, curries and fish. It has a taste similar to allspice and can he used to replace this spice when necessary. Be careful-it can be quite bitter if too much is used. Read the rest of this entry »

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Alternative Treatments For Fibromyalgia

The medical community has yet to explore on the treatments of this condition. However, for FM patients, there are alternative treatments which they could subscribe to. These alternative treatments for fibromyalgia will be discussed in this article.

Massage Therapy

Because fibromyalgia is known to cause strain on the muscles, massage therapy always helps to soothe the pain for FM patients. There are sensitive points to target using different techniques such as moving and stretching of soft muscle tissues. In this way, blood circulation will be improved, muscles will be relaxed, and body’s motion will be ameliorated. Also, massage is known to decrease stress and increase endorphin levels in the body. With regular sessions of massage therapy, symptoms of pain from fibromyalgia will surely be relieved.

Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic is a health treatment of spinal manipulation known to address musculoskeletal system disorders. As a form of complementary and alternative medicine, chiropractic treatment is widely accepted form of relief from fibromyalgia. This is because spinal manipulation relaxes tensed muscle tissues, back, and neck. It makes FM patients feel relaxed and relieved from muscle pain and tension. The treatment also increases blood flows to joints and muscles as well as gains more endorphins secreted from the pituitary glands.


Regular sessions of biofeedback are highly recommended for patients experiencing fibromyalgia pain. As a form of mind-body relaxation technique, biofeedback addresses the symptoms of stress and anxiety through controlling the mind’s reaction to stress. Through bio feedback machine, temperature, muscle tension, and heart rate can be analyzed by sensors. Also, through biofeedback techniques, FM patients are taught to handle stress using their minds so that painful symptoms of fibromyalgia will be prevented. Read the rest of this entry »

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